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Did you know? Combi Boilers are highly efficient and could help you save up to £305 a year on heating bills.

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Does my Combi Boiler need replacing?

Does my Combi Boiler need replacing?

Every homeowner knows that an efficient boiler is one of the most important products in the entire property, and Combi Boilers are very much the gold standard of options on the market. So, if you own a Combi Boiler, you can be forgiven for assuming that yours is up to the job. What you might not know, however, is that staying loyal to an old Combi Boiler could waste as much energy (and money) as choosing the wrong type of boiler.

All Combi boilers are known for being energy efficient, but the technology used has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years. If you’re still using a Combi Boiler that’s 60% -70% efficient, then you could be missing out on huge savings. After all, most modern Combi Boilers boast efficiencies of at least 92%.

The main reason for old Combi Boilers being 70% efficient or below is that they are ‘non-condensing’. Combi Boilers use a flue to ensure waste gases are safely removed from the property. But while old Combi Boilers lose energy through the flue and waste gases, modern Condensing Combi Boilers capture the additional gases courtesy of a secondary heat exchanger — using the energy (which otherwise would be lost to the atmosphere) to pre-heat incoming water.

Knowing your type of Combi Boiler will help you decide whether an upgrade is needed. As a rule of thumb, any Combi Boiler that predates 2005 is likely to be a Non-Condensing Combi Boiler, making it a prime candidate for replacement.

On a separate note, if your Combi Boiler is showing faults, it might be better to get an upgrade rather than a repair job.

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How much money can a new Combi Boiler save me?

Boilers account for around 60% of all home CO2 emissions. Upgrading from a Non-Condensing Combi Boiler that shows 60%-70% efficiency to a modern Condensing Combi Boiler could save the average household around £25 per month (or £305 per year) in energy cost; whilst also shaving a significant chunk off your carbon footprint.

Those savings will be repeated on a monthly basis, which shows that most new Combi Boiler installations will pay for themselves within a few years. This is because high-efficiency Condensing Combi Boilers convert a greater percentage of energy to heat, meaning it requires less money and energy to run the heating or heat water.

New Combi Boilers are built to last and new installations will help give homeowners peace of mind thanks to extended warranties (of up to 10 years) surrounding parts and on-going performance. When you consider the cost of repairs on an old Combi Boiler, in addition to the energy waste, the true savings per year could top £500 with ease.

While the exact figures can be influenced by a whole host of features including property size, hours used, and the exact make and model of the new Condensing Combi Boiler (as well as the model and condition of the old one), there is no doubt that the savings are significant.

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How to create a more energy-efficient heating system in my home?

How can I create a more energy-efficient heating system in my home?

There are many other ways to improve your heating system and energy usage. Thermostatic Radiator Valves are a great option while using smarter scheduling can be useful too. Similarly, you may find that foam padding for pipes can aid the situation.

We’ve listed what we think are good ideas to help your money go that extra mile when heating your home.

  • If your Combi Boiler predates 2005 then we’d advise you upgrade to a modern Condensing Combi Boiler, which boasts greater efficiency (at least 92%).
  • Radiators have also improved over the years, so look into replacing old radiators with more energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Manage heat levels with thermostats, according to the ‘Energy Saving Trust’; lowering by just 1° centigrade could save you up to £90 per year.
  • Opt in to ‘Smart Thermostats’ allowing you remotely manage your homes heating, turn the heating on half an hour before you arrive home, rather than the same time each day.
  • Fit individual thermostats on every radiator, so you can control the heat levels in each room.
  • Make sure your home is well insulated and draught proofed.

So if you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient whilst cutting energy bills, then a new Combi Boiler could just be the ticket.

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